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Sheikh Ahmed Deedat strong Mp3 Audio Collection Full 3

1.      Pre-Khutbah Talk at University of Natal21.1 MB
2.      Presenting Islam to Non-Muslims106.0 MB
3.      Preview of U.K Debate in South Africa (Qur’an or the Bible)80.0 MB
4.      Prophet Muhammad (saas) – The Hero Prophet133.2 MB
5.      Pros & Cons of Israel (Denmark)57.2 MB
6.      Qur’an or the Bible – Preview of U.K Debate in South Africa69.1 MB
7.      Role of the Masjid in the West (Dubai)73.4 MB
8.      SABC TV Debate – Islam & Christianity (South Africa)21.3 MB
9.      Sequel to Christ in Islam (Studio Debate)32.5 MB
10.   Sequel to the Qur’an or the Bible – Which is God’s Word (U.K)51.3 MB
11.   Sheikh Ahmed Deedat & the IPCI55.1 MB
12.   Short Talks on Middle East TV – 1st Series30.6 MB
13.   Short Talks on Middle East TV – 2nd Series21.4 MB
14.   Short Talks on Middle East TV – 3rd Series24.9 MB
15.   Should Rush-die Die – The Islamic Verdict32.8 MB
16.   Should Rush-die Die – The Judeo-Christian Verdict62.0 MB
17.   Speaking Freely at the I.P.C.I44.2 MB
18.   Student Missionaries at the I.P.C.I77.9 MB
19.   The Message of Truth (Malaysia)34.1 MB
20.   The Qur’an or the Bible51.3 MB
21.   There is a Siddique in Your Life137.2 MB
22.   What is Bible139.2 MB
23.   What is Wisdom135.8 MB
24.   What is Wrong with Us45.8 MB
25.   What the Bible says about Muhammad (saas) – In Abu Dhabi107.4 MB
26.   What the Bible says about Muhammad (saas)60.7 MB
27.   Why Comparative Religion80.1 MB
28.   Why Da’wah19.4 MB
29.   x-Bonus-x – A Letter to Deedat1.9 MB
30.   x-Bonus-x – A Message to Sheikh Deedat from a Radio Station479.0 KB
31.   x-Bonus-x – A Test from Allaah (Subhaanahu wa ta ‘Ala)540.4 KB
32.   x-Bonus-x – Ahmed Deedat Introduction 1873.5 KB
33.   x-Bonus-x – Ahmed Deedat Introduction 22.4 MB
34.   x-Bonus-x – Ahmed Deedat Introduction 3746.4 KB
35.   x-Bonus-x – An Excerpt from a Radio Programme on Sheikh Deedat1.2 MB
36.   x-Bonus-x – Biography of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat47.1 MB
37.   x-Bonus-x – Esam Mudeer, Journalist & Student of Sheikh Deedat4.9 MB
38.   x-Bonus-x – How Deedat made me Da’ee – Dr. Zakir Naik73.7 MB
39.   x-Bonus-x – Islamic Goal of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat – Dr. Zakir Naik4.3 MB
40.   x-Bonus-x – My Father, Sheikh Ahmed Deedat – A Moving Account by Son Yousuf Deedat25.8 MB
41.   x-Bonus-x – Nasheed used in Ahmed Deedat DVD – 12.1 MB
42.   x-Bonus-x – Nasheed used in Ahmed Deedat DVD – 2680.8 KB
43.   x-Bonus-x – Nasheed used in Ahmed Deedat DVD – 32.3 MB
44.   x-Bonus-x – Par Excellence Advert – 1838.7 KB
45.   x-Bonus-x – Par Excellence Advert – 2430.7 KB
46.   x-Bonus-x – Sheikh Ahmed Deedat – A Visit to My Bedridden Hero26.2 MB
47.   x-Bonus-x – Sheikh Ahmed Deedat & Dr. Zakir Naik Trailer790.5 KB
48.   x-Bonus-x – Sheikh Ahmed Deedat’s best appreciation of Dr. Zakir Naik650.0 KB
49.   x-Bonus-x – Steve Rockwell, Ex-Christian Priest & Student of Deedat4.1 MB
50.   x-Bonus-x – The King of the Stage (Ahmed Deedat)1.5 MB
51.   x-Bonus-x – The Story of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat (1918-2005)30.4 MB


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