Why many hard work students fail to secure good marks despite “burning midnight oil”?

Dear students, the examination is a technique and you should master this technique for best results. Many times I have observed with great sorrow that many hard-working students fail to secure good marks despite “burning midnight oil” what is important is not simply how much you study (times) but also how you study (method). I want to share with you. Some do`s and Don’ts for success are given below:ü  Offer five-time regular prayer.
ü  Always ask help from Allah Almighty.Do read the Quran with meaning. Worship Allah alone.
ü  Always be regular in the class. You will have to study for hours together what you xan learn in just 45 miniutes in the class room.
ü  Devote a couple of hour daily to read and revise what has been  taught in the class. This will put the topic in your subconscious mind. Student who study the entire courde by rote in just two-three months seldome fare well in the examination.
ü  When you are preparing for the examination prepare very brief notes jotting down the points from the main points for each topic. Emphasise conceptual clarity and learn the basic concept or key words. Go through the ten years papers  to find out the nature of and type of questions asked in the examination.
ü  The day previous to the examination read these brief notes. Avoid reading books at this juncture as it may cause mental tension and examination fever.
ü  Read the question paper carefully and select the questions to be answered keeping in view the instruction given by the examiner.
ü  Analyse each question carefully before answering it. Design your answer according to the requirements of the question. For example, if the question says  DESCRIBE you have to give the meaning and nature of the topic. But if the question says  DISCUSS or EXPLAIN you should give arguments both for the against the topic. The time spent in the planning the answer is a worth while investment.
ü  Divide your answer into suitable paragraphs use separate paragraphs for each point do not write long and uneven paragraphs.
ü  In the first paragraph show the examiner that you have understood the question. give a brief pertinent answer without beating about the bush.
ü  Give brief and pointed answer. Do not stretch the answer too much.
ü  Wind up your answer by summing up the main points or giving your final opinion in the concluding paragraph. Remember the last impression influence the examiner`s marking.
ü  Divide your time logically among different questions do not devote to much time on one question at the cost of other question when the examiner indicates that all the question carry equal marks he expects you to devote equal time and attention to early question.
ü  In answering the question which requires your opinion present view from both side and gives your own judgment
ü  As far as possible do not use first-person narration third person narration example “it may be said in conclusion” etc is considered more appropriate.
ü  Before submitting your answer book check up your roll no. have a quick glance through your answer.
ü  After coming out of examination hall forget about the paper you have done, think about next paper.

Collected by Amir  Admin Acadamy Of Quran.
Source: Dr CB Gupta`s Book

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