About us

Amir Amin Lone

Academy of Quran, a non-profit organization, was established to share the authentic teachings of Islam. Our journey began in 2010 with a Facebook fan page, followed by the launch of the blog “ouislamicweb.blogspots.com” in 2011. In 2013, we formalized our efforts with the creation of Academy of Quran and its dedicated website, “www.aoquran.in“.

Our initiatives include:

  1. The website www.wiskashmir.in
  2. Active presence on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube
  3. AOQ Scholarship Test

Regarding the CEO, Amir Amin Lone, son of Mohammed Amin Lone, hails from Kashmir, India. He holds an MA in Education, a Diploma in Islamic Studies from “MSBJK,” and a Diploma in Leadership. His goal is to become a Daee and an educationalist. Inshallah

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