What is ISLAM

“Islam” is an Arabic term which means to submit one’s will to the will of God.
Islam is a religion from the creator of the universe.  It is a monotheistic religion that teaches us that there is no worthy of worship except Allah(God), It is the best way of life it guides us in every aspect of life from Business, Politics, Dealings to eating, sleeping, bathing etc.
It is the true religion that is revealed to the all mankind for the creator (Allah/God) of the universe. It is a religion that can be practiced by anyone at any time it does not differentiate between black and white poor and rich, every one has the same status.

According to the Pew Research Center America, Islam is the 2nd largest Population in the world and studies in the 21st century suggest that, in terms of percentage and worldwide spread, Islam is the fastest-growing major religion in the world. Another religious forecast for 2050 by Pew Research Center concludes that global Muslim population is expected to grow at a faster rate than other religion.

Islam is the fastest accepting religion in the 21st century it is because when the people want to know the truth then the god guide the to the true religion.

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