Sheikh Ahmed Deedat strong Mp3 Audio Collection Full 2

1.      From Hinduism to Islam (Lecture in the R.S.A)50.2 MB
2.      How an American Marxist found Islam46.8 MB
3.      How Not to do Da’wah – Saudi Arabia, Taif36.7 MB
4.      How Rushdie Fooled the West (Royal Albert Hall London)57.5 MB
5.      If the Label Shows your Intent, Wear it!42.3 MB
6.      In the U.A.E Spotlight57.2 MB
7.      Is Israel set up for Destruction74.7 MB
8.      Is Jesus God (South Africa)84.9 MB
9.      Is the Bible God’s Word – Preview of U.S.A. Debate in U.A.E.44.4 MB
10.   Is the Bible God’s Word44.6 MB
11.   Is the Bible the True Word of God67.9 MB
12.   Islam and other Religion34.6 MB
13.   Islam and the People of the Book79.4 MB
14.   Islam Answers to the New World Order44.0 MB
15.   Islam & Christianity – Symposium with Gary Miller (South Africa)76.0 MB
16.   Islam & Christianity (Pakistan)93.8 MB
17.   Islam in Africa (Abu Dhabi)44.5 MB
18.   Islam is the True Religion46.6 MB
19.   Islam is the Way, the Truth & the Life145.4 MB
20.   Islam the Message to Mankind36.1 MB
21.   Islam’s Answer to the Popes ‘Pious’ Pronouncements49.3 MB
22.   Jehovah’s Witness visits Sheikh Deedat165.0 MB
23.   Jesus Christ in Christianity & Islam75.8 MB
24.   Jesus (pbuh) – Man, Myth or God (U.K)93.7 MB
25.   Jesus (pbuh) Beloved Prophet of Islam79.9 MB
26.   Jesus (pbuh) & Muhammad (saas) – A Comparative Study (U.K)71.5 MB
27.   Jewish Family at Deedats Residence140.7 MB
28.   Jum’uah Talk18.9 MB
29.   Justice & Equality50.0 MB
30.   Kuwait Series – 1 (English & Arabic)51.7 MB
31.   Kuwait Series – 2 (English & Arabic)31.4 MB
32.   Kuwait Series – 3 (English & Arabic)33.2 MB
33.   Kuwait Series – 4 (English & Arabic)61.8 MB
34.   Last Challenge & the Best Call122.7 MB
35.   Man-God Relationship (Regents Park Masjid, London)47.8 MB
36.   Message of the Qur’aan52.7 MB
37.   Message to Muslim Students45.7 MB
38.   Missionaries Inroads (Maldives)29.6 MB
39.   Monotheism & Trinity146.5 MB
40.   Muhammad (saas) – The Greatest62.7 MB
41.   Muhammad (saas) – The Greatest (Pakistan Tour)201.6 MB
42.   Muhammad (saas) – The Natural Successor to Christ (Pakistan Tour)50.8 MB
43.   Muhammad (saas) – The Natural Successor to Christ (pbuh)65.1 MB
44.   Muhammad (saas) the Prophet of Islam46.2 MB
45.   Muhammad (saw) in the Bible – In Response to Swaggart in the USA68.4 MB
46.   New Deceit in Christian Evangelism44.0 MB
47.   Office Recordings – African Religion, Pure until White Man touched them25.4 MB
48.   Office Recordings – Deedat’s Encounter with Mormon Missionaries46.6 MB
49.   Office Recordings – Muslim Divorce8.1 MB
50.   Pope and the Dialogue116.4 MB


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