Sheikh Ahmed Deedat strong Mp3 Audio Collection Full 1

1.      A Dire Warning38.7 MB
2.      Ahmed Deedat Vs. Anis Shorrosh – The Qur’an or the Bible, Which is God’s Word115.3 MB
3.      Ahmed Deedat on Pakistan Television (Interview)25.5 MB
4.      Ahmed Deedat Vs. Anis Shorrosh – Is Jesus God216.0 MB
5.      Ahmed Deedat Vs. Bishop Wakefield – Was Christ Crucified (Canada)86.9 MB
6.      Ahmed Deedat Vs. Dr. Robert Douglas – Crucifixion Fact or Fiction81.6 MB
7.      Ahmed Deedat Vs. Jimmy Swaggart – Is the Bible God’s Word203.1 MB
8.      Ahmed Deedat Vs. Pastor Eric. B. Bock – Is Jesus God (Denmark)83.1 MB
9.      Ahmed Deedat Vs. Pastor Stanley Sjoberg – Is the Bible True Word of God95.5 MB
10.   Ahmed Deedat Vs. Pastor Stanley Sjoberg – Is Jesus God87.2 MB
11.   Ahmed Deedat Vs. Prof. E.F Clark – Was Christ Crucified (London)235.5 MB
12.   Al-Qur’aan – A Miracle of Miracles (U.A.E)48.5 MB
13.   Al-Qur’aan – Miracle of Miracles45.1 MB
14.   Al-Qur’an & the Computer (Durban)30.9 MB
15.   Arab & Israel – Conflict or Conciliation64.8 MB
16.   Challenge of Islam148.9 MB
17.   Challenge of the Missionaries51.0 MB
18.   Christ in Islam 164.3 MB
19.   Christ in Islam 2 (Sydney, Town Hall – Ahmed Deedats Last Lecture)153.4 MB
20.   Christian Family at Deedat Residence – Discussion63.5 MB
21.   Christian Guests in your Mosque (Open Day Mosque)45.1 MB
22.   Christian Missionaries at the I.P.C.I167.5 MB
23.   Christianity & Islam (Geneva)46.2 MB
24.   Christianity, Judaism or Islam – Which can Solve World Problem’s53.4 MB
25.   Combat Kit Course Against Bible-Thumpers at the I.P.C.I (Durban)61.4 MB
26.   Combat Kit Course Against Bible-Thumpers in Nairobi55.6 MB
27.   Concept of God in Hinduism & Islam (R.S.A)100.3 MB
28.   Crucifixion or Cruci-fiction101.3 MB
29.   Daughters of Islam52.8 MB
30.   Da’wah in the U.K175.5 MB
31.   Da’wah in the U.S.A99.2 MB
32.   Da’wah or Destruction85.2 MB
33.   Debate with American Soldiers (Gulf War 1)52.2 MB
34.   Deedat a Muslim Fundamentalist56.8 MB
35.   Deedat at FOSIS’s 23rd Annual Winter Gathering40.7 MB
36.   Deedat Office Recordings (5.5 hrs)166.9 MB
37.   Deedat on BBC-133.9 MB
38.   Deedat on Saudi TV Talk – Plus Bonus Video25.4 MB
39.   Deedat’s Encounter with Christian Missionaries (Debate)78.4 MB
40.   Deedat’s Kenyan Lecture Tour – Combat Kit Course, Nairobi102.0 MB
41.   Deedat’s Kenyan Lecture Tour – Jamia Masjid, Nairobi93.5 MB
42.   Deedat’s Kenyan Lecture Tour – Masjid Noor, South ‘C’ Nairobi74.7 MB
43.   Deedat’s Kenyan Lecture Tour – Sir Ali Muslim Club, Nairobi113.7 MB
44.   Deedat’s Kenyan Tour at Memon Villa Hall, Mombasa37.7 MB
45.   Difficult Questions about Islam42.8 MB
46.   Durban Business & Professional-Women at the I.P.C.I40.0 MB
47.   Easter, A Muslim Viewpoint – What makes Good Friday, Good138.4 MB
48.   Free Bible Course53.2 MB
49.   Freely Speaking36.5 MB
50.   Freely Speaking in Geneva22.6 MB


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